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Our friends and brewery neighbors, Stone Barn Brandyworks, came up with the tastiest cocktail with their Haskap Liqueur and our Rooibos Kombucha called the Winners Cup cocktail! The fruitiness of their Haskap Liqueur with the full bodied and earthy flavors of our Rooibos Kombucha is just unbelievably delicious and refreshing. The best part is it … Continued

We came across Alison Roman’s Aperol-Kombucha Cocktail for Bon Appétit, and as we’re big Aperol Spritz fans, this seemed right up our alley! We chose to use a botanical gin and our Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha to continue the floral theme, and we have to say this is one tasty cocktail! ⠀ To whip one up for … Continued

Our friends at Tonight with Cassidy heard about our seasonal Chai Kombucha and asked us to come back on the show to talk about our new flavor and share any other updates about our Kombucha. We were so excited and decided to use this opportunity to create a mocktail, since it is Dry January, using … Continued

The kind folks at KGW8 asked us to come on Tonight with Cassidy to talk about our Kombucha and to shake up a cocktail! We chose to make a Kombucharita, which is our take on a margarita with Kombucha. To pair with the tequila, we used our Oolong Tea Kombucha as the roasted flavors go … Continued

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