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Organic Tea, Cane Sugar, & Live Cultures. That's it!

Less is more when it comes to great taste. That’s why we brew our Kombucha with pure organic ingredients and pure passion.

Our flavors pay homage to our founders' favorite teas:

Pure Fermented Tea

Camellia Grove Kombucha was born out of the idea that the roots of Kombucha are in tea. With no added flavors or juices, the tea-forward flavor shines through. Our Kombucha is the perfect balance of refreshing tea and natural fermentation flavors, which makes it an approachable Kombucha that all tea lovers can enjoy!

2021 Good Food Award Winner

We are beyond thrilled to share that our Rooibos Kombucha is a 2021 Good Food Award Winner and the first Oregon Kombucha to win this award!

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