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Camellia Grove Kombucha is the perfect combination of Joe’s artful and culinary eye with Robert’s scientific background and veteran knowledge. As Joe and Robert mastered the recipe, they added food business expert David to the team to help make their vision a reality.

Joe Mayol


Favorite flavor: Oolong

Joe's Bio

Joe is a California native who earned his BFA in sculpture at the University of Oregon and started his career in the culinary world at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. After working at several Portland favorite restaurants, he decided to pursue his dream of crafting the perfect Kombucha. Joe’s combination of experience in the culinary and art worlds brings a unique level of quality to our products that we hope our customers can see in every bottle.

When he’s not busy brewing, Joe is also an avid fly fisherman, who is always looking for the perfect fishing spot. As you would likely guess, cooking is also a very important part of Joe’s life, and particularly, he enjoys finding new cookbooks and trying different recipes or ideas. It’s also worth mentioning that Joe is a proud Duck and loves to go to Eugene when he can for the home football games.

Robert Deering

Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer

Favorite flavor: Rooibos

Robert's Bio

Robert, a born and raised Portlander, has a MS in Fisheries from the University of Washington, focusing on microbiology. Before Camellia Grove, Robert actually founded another Kombucha company with some friends in 1995 and produced a Kombucha called Oocha Brew, where he perfected his brewing techniques that he’s optimizing yet again in founding Camellia Grove Kombucha. Robert also spent 16 years as a teacher sharing his love for science with middle schoolers. It’s the mix of Robert’s passions for science and for Kombucha that bring the perfect blend to our recipes and our team.

Not only is Robert an impressive brewer, but he also has a mean green thumb. In his spare time, Robert and his wife tend to their beautiful vegetable garden and are expert mushroom hunters. Oh, and did we mention they’re also beekeepers? In speaking of green thumbs, they’re also avid Timbers fan, and if you don’t find them at Providence Park, you can count on them watching it from afar. RCTID!

David Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Favorite flavor: Green

David's Bio

David holds a BS in Food Science & Technology from Texas A&M and is a graduate of the Accounting program at PSU. Along the way, David has worked in an ice cream factory, was an analytical chemist in a food lab, and has prepared taxes at a CPA firm. He's also an accomplished software and web developer and has created solutions for numerous small businesses and startups, government agencies, and a few Fortune 500 firms. David was an instructor and advisor for the popular “Getting Your Recipe to Market” program where he helped entrepreneurs launch and run their own food businesses. David’s vast experience in the food and beverage industry, including food business consultant, bartender, food bank volunteer, and restaurant cook, brings an invaluable perspective and resource to Camellia Grove.

If you couldn’t already tell, David’s true love is cooking, particularly baking, and it all started from the Peanuts cookbook he received in the 4th grade. (Thanks, Snoopy!) It wouldn’t be fair to mention David’s passions without mentioning hiking. It’s the main reason he and his wife decided to move to the PNW, and if you don’t spot them trying a new restaurant, then you may run into them on the trails.

Meagan Phillips

Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite flavor: Black

Meagan's Bio

Meagan is a born and raised Texan, who went to Texas Tech University for dual degrees in Advertising and Spanish. After college, she started her career in New York City, where she spent 4 years working in advertising, fashion, and ended up in human resources at a healthcare tech startup. Much like David, she was in dire need of some hiking and skiing, and she made the move out west to Portland where her love for photography really developed (pun intended). Meagan’s eye for color and brand alignment has been a huge asset for Camellia Grove as we launch and grow our business. She ensures our marketing strategy and messaging correlate with our values and highlight our approachability as a Kombucha and as a company.

When she’s not behind the camera, you will likely find her out on a hiking trail with friends or fly fishing with Joe. Even he will admit, she has a pretty mean cast and can even unhook her own trout! With being raised in a small town, Meagan loves to explore the great small towns outside of Portland (hey, Hood River!) for outdoor activities, food, and of course, the beer and wine. She wouldn’t be a good Texan if she didn’t express her deep love for Texas Tech football!

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