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We have exciting news to share! Camellia Grove Kombucha has been nominated for the prestigious Best Kombucha Award for the fifth year in a row. This Award is for Willamette Week’s Best of Portland Reader’s Poll that’s sponsored by local favorite, New Seasons Market. We’re thrilled to be recognized for our tasty brews, and now we need your support to help us secure the top spot. Join us as we strive to become the Best Kombucha in town and cast your vote for Camellia Grove Kombucha today!

Our team pours our heart and soul into every can of Kombucha we create. Our team is dedicated to the art of brewing, using the finest organic teas and live cultures to create a harmonious blend of flavors. We believe that Kombucha should be a delightful experience for your taste buds and a boost for your well-being.

One sip of our Kombucha is all it takes to understand why we stand out from the crowd. We take pride in our wide array of delicious and innovative tea flavors, carefully crafted to please every palate.

Your Vote Matters

We value the support of our incredible community, and we need your vote to win the Best Kombucha Award. By casting your vote for Camellia Grove Kombucha, you not only show your love for our brand but also help us spread the word about the magic of Kombucha for Tea Lovers!

How to Vote

Voting is quick and easy! Simply visit the Willamette Week’s website and you’ll find us in the Best Kombucha category under the Drink group. Select Camellia Grove Kombucha and click the vote button at the bottom. Encourage your friends, family, and fellow Kombucha enthusiasts to vote as well!




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