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You asked so we had to do the research! With the help of Cooperativa’s amazing team, we took several of their delicious pasta dishes and paired them with our refreshing tea-forward Kombuchas. Here are our winning pairings:

  • Tonarelli & Clams + Black Tea Kombucha: This pasta dish has squid ink pasta with chorizo, clams, parmesan, and black truffle oil. The richness from the parmesan, truffle oil, and chorizo is balanced with the clean and refreshing flavor of our Black Tea Kombucha. It has you ready to dive back in after each bite!
  • Paccheri all’Amatriciana + Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha: This dish has paccheri pasta with tomato sauce, red onion, pancetta, peppers, fried capers, and butter. We love the pairing of the peppers and red onion with the delicate floral notes of the Jasmine Kombucha. It plays up that sweet but not too spicy flavor combo!
  • Tagliatelle alla Bolognese + Black Tea Kombucha: A house favorite that’s lovingly made and served with fresh pasta and parmesan. When you have two classics like bolognese and black tea, they are just meant to be together. It’s a classic combo and sure to hit the spot every time.

Which combo are you most excited to try together?

(Tonarelli & Clams + Black Tea Kombucha)

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