Purchase cases of Kombucha at our Dock Sales! Click here for more info.

Our 6th flavor, Meadow Kombucha, is here!! Our newest Kombucha flavor is a collaboration with our dear friends at Smith Teamaker. It’s a celebration of pure fermented tea that all tea lovers can enjoy!

The Meadow Kombucha is made with Smith Tea’s delicious and best selling Meadow blend. It has a floral aroma with notes of chamomile, rose, and linden flowers. You may need a sun hat! This Kombucha is our second herbal Kombucha, so it’s caffeine free. Allowing you to sip on it at any hour of the day.

Want to pick some up? Head to Smith Teamaker’s NW location to get your canned Meadow Kombucha!

You can also buy it at our brewery, so head to our Dock Sales page to find out on when and where to find us.

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