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Happy Earth Day! We’re super passionate about brewing a tasty Kombucha and also crafting a product that’s better for our planet.

With our Kombuchas being certified Organic, it’s not only beneficial to you but also for the earth! Organic farming practices promote soil health, biodiversity, and sustainability. A major win-win for everyone involved! We’ve even taken it a step further this year and started using regenerative sugar for our fermentation process! Through incorporating regenerative practices, we get to support those who are reducing their environmental impact, while also actively participating in nurturing our planet back to its vibrant self.

In moving to cans over bottles, it isn’t just about packaging for us — it’s a commitment to sustainability. Our cans are crafted from aluminum right here in the United States. This keeps our carbon footprint low while also utilizing aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials out there!

At our brewery, we’re all about keeping it efficient! We’ve dialed in our water and energy usage to make sure every drop counts, while also composting our tea leftovers to give back to the earth.

Let’s raise a can to our beautiful planet and keep the green momentum going!


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