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At the Big Feast event as part of Feast Portland, Smith Teamaker showcased all the wonderful and unique ways you can use tea.

They teamed up with Food & Wine’s Best New Chef of 2017, Yoshi Okai, from OTOKO in Austin, TX. Chef Okai broke down an 80-pound Albacore tuna from Flying Fish Co., a sustainable fish market in Portland, that was served with a Smith Teamaker Sencha tamari sauce and topped with salt made from Smith Teamaker’s matcha, cilantro, and peach.

                                       (photos by Smith Teamaker)

To pair with this delicious dish, their tea department came to Camellia Grove about making a special Oolong Tea Kombucha using their Ali Shan Oolong for the event. The Smith Teamaker team describes their Ali Shan Oolong as having a “full bodied oolong” flavor “with notes of orchid, peach and sugarcane.” In Kombucha form, this Oolong Tea Kombucha was very clean and refreshing. The Smith Teamaker team described it as “it’s like sipping a glass of dry white wine.” We especially love creating unique and special Kombuchas to pair with food and look forward to doing more food events like this in the future!


(photo by Smith Teamaker)

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