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We wanted to take a little bit of time to highlight a few of our newer locations we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the past few months and who have become great supporters of us and our Kombucha! One of the things COVID can’t take away from us is our love and support for community, and that has honestly thrived the last few months thanks to wonderful people like these.

Topaz Farms: This is a “new” farm to the Topaz family after the Kruger family passed on the torch. You likely are familiar with Kruger Farm, where people visited for fall festivals, farm-to-plate dinners, or berry picking. The Topaz family certainly wants to keep that spirit alive, and we’ve really enjoyed following their new farm experiences, including their latest baby goat, Peanut Butter! Going out to Sauvie Island always brings us a bit of peace and joy, and our hope is this location does the same for you.

Helvetia Farms: We’ve posted about this farm before, and we just went to visit them this weekend! This is a family-run farm with everything from local produce, pasture-raised meats, espresso bar (seriously yummy lattes), solid wine selection, and more. It’s always a treat to deliver Kombucha to this family as we love soaking up time in their beautiful store and getting some goodies to take home.

Haleakala PDX: You may have also seen us post about the wonderful people at Haleakala PDX! This is a kitchen collective that was born during COVID as a way to bring small makers and businesses to the public safely. It’s also brought the opportunity for makers to collaborate together and bring even yummier foods to customers. Community is at the very heart of this kitchen collective, and we absolutely love brainstorming and helping to serve our community with this group.

MilkRun: This isn’t a newer location for us, but with COVID, the need for home delivery skyrocketed, and this group was ready to respond and serve our community big time! If you’re still not familiar with them, MilkRun is a grocery delivery service that brings local goods straight to your door for free! We love how they serve the smaller farms and essentially bring the farmer’s market straight to your home.

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