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Buy cases of Kombucha at our brewery Dock Sales

If you’ve visited Providore Fine Foods or Cherry Sprout in the last few months, you may have spotted our Kombucha on their shelves! This has been such a great expansion for us in grocery offerings as both of these retailers are two major staples in Portland.

Providore Fine Foods calls themselves “a food lovers playground” filled with specialty foods from global groceries to freshly prepared foods for takeaway. We love their attention to quality making them a gourmet staple in the Kerns neighborhood. We think our Kombucha for Tea Lovers, which are all made from single origin teas, is the perfect fit!

Cherry Sprout is a locally owned and community-inspired market that specializes in regionally sourced products. We love their ties to the community and have been serving North Portland since 2007. We especially love how well our organic Kombuchas fit with their values and their offerings.

As you make your prep list for the upcoming holiday season, consider visiting either of these specialty grocers to do your shopping. And while you’re there, pick up some of your favorite tea-forward Kombucha!

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