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Buy cases of Kombucha at our brewery Dock Sales

As we come out of our covid operations, we are ending our home delivery services. As a small business and team of 3, it isn’t a sustainable offering for us right now. BUT we still want you to be able to buy cases of our Kombucha, so we are starting our Dock Sales! Thank you for being by our side as we pivoted through this pandemic and as we pivot out of it as well! We hope you continue to enjoy our cases of tea-forward Kombucha!

We’re generally at the brewery Monday – Thursday from 10am to 4 pm! However, we’re a very small team, so there are times we might miss you while we’re out doing a delivery. To ensure one of us is there, you can book a pick up time through our scheduling link here!

2306 N Kerby Ave, Portland, OR 97227

Monday – Thursday from 10am to 4pm

When you turn onto Kerby, you’ll see a “Dead End” sign and that means you’re going the right way, we promise!

A case is 12 cans of Kombucha for $30 (only $2.50 per can)! We accept cash, card, check, and Venmo. We also have Camellia Grove branded merch for purchase! We have sweatshirts for $35, t-shirts for $25, and hats for $25.

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