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After dreaming about this day for years, we have phased out bottling our Kombucha, and you’ll now find our Kombucha in cans!

We had many reasons we wanted to transition to cans, so it’s been a goal of ours for quite some time. With COVID, this roll out took a bit longer than we had hoped, but we are thrilled to finally make it happen.

One of the big reasons we made the transition to cans is they’re actually more environmentally¬†friendly. They recycle more easily and are recycled more often than bottles. Because cans are lighter and made in the U.S., there’s also less of a transportation cost and carbon footprint as well. This will allow us to reduce the cost of our Kombuchas, which we know vendors and customers will both enjoy.

We also know our customers will enjoy being able to take our Kombuchas anywhere! With the packaging change, it makes it so much easier to grab a can or 4-pack of Kombucha than a bottle. We hope you love this upgrade as much as we do!

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