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Your new favorite market just opened, and let us tell you, it is so beautiful and full of delicious food, produce, coffee, and so much more (including our Kombucha)! Cooperativa is a modern Italian market, food hall, and bar rooted in tradition of Italy’s revered markets. (Their words, not ours!)

They have the market side, which is where you can find our Kombucha as well as an abundance of fresh produce, Italian goods like canned tomatoes, olive oils, anchovies, and the likes. The market also has a coffee bar, where you can get a cappuccino and pair it with one of their Italian pastries.👆 Like this Almond Cake that was out-of-this-world good! It’s a Sicilian recipe that happens to be gluten free and dairy free.

For the food hall, you can find an assortment of Pizza Al Taglio, which is one of the prominent styles of pizza found around Rome. Not familiar with this style of pizza? Check out this Instagram post from Cooperativa to learn more!

In the coming days, they’ll also be opening up a bar side, which also includes outdoor seating. Fingers crossed we can get some Kombucha cocktails on the menu, and we’ll report back!

We’re so excited for this new market and for our Kombucha to be a part of it! For us, what’s more delicious than a square of pizza with a refreshing tea-forward Kombucha? It’s pretty hard to beat…


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