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We have two new ways you can share the gift of fermentation this holiday season in the greater Portland area!

🌟  Mixed Cases! First up, you can now order a mixed case of Kombucha for home delivery, which means you can choose up to 4 flavors in a case for the same price of $30. You can then use your mixed case to make 4-packs of Kombucha as holiday gifts for friends and family, and we’re even providing the 4-pack sleeve carrier that you see here (decorative ribbon not included). On the home delivery order form, just let us know how many sleeves you need, and we’ll provide them with your home delivery free of charge.⠀

🌟  Holiday Gift Combo! For the holiday season, we’re also offering a Holiday Gift Combo for $30, which is a 4-pack of Kombucha and a Camellia Grove hat! You’ll also find this option on our order form, where you’ll tell us which flavor of Kombucha and which hat style you’d like! We’ll then deliver it to your door free of charge.

Which option are you most excited about, mixed cases or the Holiday Gift Combo?

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